The good reputation of Fuchao technology comes from the fact that it treats all inquiry orders equally regardless of quantity and amount. We always believe that every inquiry and order is very important to customers and should receive timely and accurate replies. In the shortest possible time, we will provide you with direct source of goods to reduce the purchase cost, support your small batch production demand in the trial production stage, find out the discontinued and unpopular components for you, and help you deal with the dead stock. Clearance, consignment and consignment sales can improve your ability of inventory capital turnover.

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  • The History of Microscope

    0-1-Hello, everyone. I am Rose. Today I will show you the history of microscopes. The microscope is used to magnify tiny objects into instruments that can be seen by human eyes. Microscopes are divided into optical microscop


  • What is a Tactile Sensor?

    1-2-Tactile sensation is a general term for mechanical stimuli such as contact, sliding, and pressure sensation. Different parts of the skin have different tactile sensations for different things because the number and type


  • Classification and Application of UV Sensor

    2-3-The human five senses are "sensors" with very complex and sensitive functions. However, most of the human five senses can only perceive information from the outside world qualitatively, but not quantitatively. In additio


  • What is Variable Frequency Driver(VFD)?

    3-4-Hello everyone, I am Rose. Today I will introduce VFD to you. A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a power control device that uses power electrical technology to adjust the motor's operating power frequency and hence con